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Shayna Miller

12.22.23, 2023

oil on burlap over panel

14.5 x 12 x 4.25 inches

$2,500 + 8.875% Sales Tax + 3% Credit Card Fee

Shayna Miller "12.22.23"

  • Shayna Miller is interested in an embodied painting, a painting that has to exist on the surface in a particular way, whereby the oil paint coalesces, embedded, with the ground. She builds up panels with protruding points, as if a mass is pushing up from behind the burlap-stretched painting surface, poking, piercing out. Paint camouflages the protuberance but also reveals it. These protrusions or pressure points can be understood in a number of ways: as a mass coming through the painting, like a foot gently poking through stockings; as a muscle, a limb, pushing out and then retracting; as the “stuff” that forms a body; as a naive (but trustworthy) defense mechanism established as a protection; ultimately, as a painting bursting out, being pulled apart. Miller will receive her MFA in Studio Art from Hunter College, New York in May 2024. She received her BA from Drew University in 2019 in art and art history. She was awarded the Stanley Prescott Hooper Memorial Prize in 2019 for promise and integrity in studio art. 


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